Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Starting : Ryan Gosling
and Rachel McAdams
If you have't seen this movie yet, I recommend you to go and see it A.S.A.P
This movie centers on the love story of Allie and Noah, a mismatched couple who lose touch after Allie's wealthy parents believe younger Noah is not match for the debutante daughter.Over next year, Noah expresses his feeling for Allie by writing her 365 letters for each day the're apart. 
just go and see it I'm sure that you will enjoy it.

Monday, June 3, 2013


I have always wanted to go to Disneyland but wanted to share my first experience with my friends. It was really fantastic because my friends were trying to make me happy seeing that it had been a sad week for me.  I was completely homesick because I was missing my family as well as I was unable to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. We went to Disneyland and not only was it the greatest place on earth, but also i understand that my friends are adorable.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Bungalow lounge in Santa Monica

If you want to go to this lounge try to make a reservation if not you have to stay at least 3 hours in a long line and waste your time. I had this experience twice and it was really unacceptable. tow days  ago we went there and we really wanted to have a good time but unfortunately it was busy,crowded,noisy, and with a long long line. We waited for 2 hours with high hills and nobody can imagine how hard was it.  SO TRY TO MAKE A RESERVATION.


A mother is like the nucleus around whom everyone else orbits in a family. And the word multi-tasking was probably coined for a mother’, and if not, certainly had her in mind! After all a mother provides the required structure and balance to the household, lacking which the world would seem chaotic and confusing. She is the one person who ensures that life functions in an orderly way, right from breakfast, lunch, dinner being served at the table, to clothes being ironed and kept in the cupboard, to the kitchen always being stocked up with food, the beds perfectly made, the bills paid, the list is infinite! However, more importantly, a mother brings balance to the family, mentally and emotionally. She is, more often than not the official role model, caretaker, administrator of hugs and band-aids! She switches effortlessly from being a disciplinarian to a friend in a matter of minutes. I clearly remember my mom as the person with the solution to any problem that I may have had or as someone who helped me easily forget or overcome an issue I struggled with in my childhood days.

How do you think you would sum up your role as a mother? What have been some of your experiences and challenges while bringing up your child that makes your journey so special?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Loving Family

The  important thing for any person to know is that their parents love them.
Tell each of your children every day that you love them! You tell your wife or husband, don't you? (If not, you better work on that first) Tell your children too! It is important for young people to know, as they interact with people in the world that their parents love them 100%, especially their Dad. This gives children the reasons and the courage to do what they know is right rather than whatever their friends may be touting as the great new thing.
We often make decisions based on our needs rather than on what we ought to do. Perhaps it should not be that way; but think about a person who has just fallen into the water. All his efforts are based on getting to the surface so he can breathe again. If a person has not been able to eat for many days he may eat things he normally would not eat or he may even steal some food. Satisfaction of our physical needs is a strong natural drive in each of us.
If a person has all their physical needs satisfied they then begin to try to satisfy their emotional needs. The most important emotional need we have is to feel that our physical needs will continue to be met. That is called security.
In the normal family, much of the security comes from the actions of the father. He is supposed to protect the family from physical harm. He is supposed to provide for the needs of the family through his work. He usually makes and enforces the rules for safety and peace. He is supposed to ensure some emotional stability in the family, keeping cool and not 'flying off the handle' in difficult situations.
I will speak about MOTHERS in my next entry. 

How To Avoid Crime While Driving

  1. While you are in the car, keep the doors locked, always. It's safe to drive in LA with your windows rolled down.
  2. Do not keep valuables in a parked car! Sometimes thieves will watch parking areas that are popular with tourists. If they see you hide something in the trunk of the car, they might try to break in. The best option is to leave behind a bare, uninviting car that is unattractive to thieves. Your valuables are safer in your hotel room than in your car.
  3. Choose well-lit areas for your destination at night. Hollywood, Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade, and Universal City Walk are examples of places you can safely visit at night. All major theme parks such as Magic Mountain and Disneyland are well-lit and contained within gates.
  4. Car Jacking - This is when a criminal steals your car directly from you by force, or using a weapon such as a gun. These crimes are rare, but they get a lot of publicity, so LA has a reputation for carjacking. During your stay in LA, you probably will not even hear about a carjacking, let alone become a victim of one. But in the very rare chance that happens, just let them have the car.
REMEMBER - If you need emergency assistance from public authorities, dial 911 from any phone.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

getting around Los Angeles (2)

Where Not to go

 Generally there is no area that is so dangerous that it could be considered "off limits." Just use common sense. If an area looks rundown then there is a higher possibility of crime there. Like any large city, L.A. has its share of crime. But most likely, it will not involve you. If you rent a car, keep the doors locked at all times. Do NOT keep anything of value in your car, because vehicle crimes are common.